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The Currency for Greatness: What the Challenge Coins Are For

Something you pay in exchange for something. Is that what comes into your mind when you hear the word coins? Now how about a coin that is made to pay for greatness? That is what challenge coins are for. But perhaps it’s more exact to view such coins not just as a payment, but as a reward for heroism, because when you’re a hero, you don’t really expect anything in return, right?

Unknown to many, the challenge coin has been with us since time immemorial. But its usage became more pronounced during the World War. Back then, these were for purposes of identification, much like the I.D. cards we have today, albeit discreet.The people who use them were typically those involved in combat, especially those who serve as intelligence or spies in enemy camp. Of course, they would be forbidden to carry any pertinent documents with them. All that they bring with them instead is a medallion which will serve as a clue to their identity.

challenge coins

Eventually, challenge coins became something that is automatically given to membersof some organizations upon joining. These are not really for wearing, but the members should at least carry these with them all the time or whenever they are with the group. This is in keeping with the age-old tradition of the challenge coin serving as a sort of password to the affiliation of a person. And then, of course, there are those who simply keep a vintage challenge coin collection.

Coins in the Modern Era

Aside from those who are collecting challenge coins, is there a way to recreate this tradition even when you’re not from the police or military? The answer is a resounding yes! This is by means of custom coins. Even groups for the military and police get somebody to customize the coins they give to their members. And now, even if you are not with them you can have a challenge coin set made just for you. It’s quick and easy, too. All you have to do is to visit this site.

How to get Custom Coins

Now, let us just be clear with this: the custom coins are still genuine challenge coins that are only tailor made to fit to clients’ tastes and specifications. But for these coins to be really authentic, they have to of course have the same quality as the ones from old. To make sure you are getting the real ones, go to this website.

Once you log on to the ChallengeCoins4Less website, you will find that they actually already have a slew of clients commissioning them to customize their challenge coin sets. Among these were the NASA, the U. S. Army and Navy, the U. N. Development Programmed, American Airlines, UPS, Symantec, and Colt’s, which manufactures firearms.And yes, they’ve always got the option for their visitors to have challenge coins custom made for them!

custom coins

How to request for the custom coins? ChallengeCoins4Less will be asking you to fill out a quote form. Basically, you will be drafting your preferred challenge coin here – you will be specifying what color, size, or type or style of metal you want for the coin, and of course, how many pieces you would like to have. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for this one yet. Here, they will just be getting your specifications and they’ll get back to you within the day with a design proposal and how much the price shall be. Once you have approved it, you have the choice to continue production. Only once you have received your coins will you get charged.

Shipping the coins is for free as long as it’s within the United States. You can request for as many revisions as you can until you’re satisfied with the output. And, you can match colors for free.

Now, you ask, when shall the coins be delivered? Usually, delivery is in a span of two to three weeks. But you can also ask them to rush your order. You can include that request on their free quote form or email or call their toll free number. You can also visit this website to find out how.

Why Deal with ChallengeCoins4Less?

ChallengeCoins4Less has basically been around for quite some time already, which is one of the reasons why it has been trusted by big name clients just as the ones we have mentioned a while ago. It’s been serving branches of the military: aside from the Army and Navy, they also service Coast Guard, Marines, and Air Force. While they may not have been the vintage custom coins that have seen through years of the first and second World Wars, www.challengecoins4Less is guaranteed to produce just the same quality of coins that have been akin to the industry for years. Visit this website now to get your free quote today.