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A lot of people buy things that are branded or named– and the same is true for golf clubs. It is a common error to think that because something has a name to it, it equates to quality. While most branded sports equipment really do come with high quality, it does not always apply to all.

Name brand golf clubs are always very expensive, but a lot of golfers still go for these. This is because sporting expensive branded golf clubs projects an image of high status. It also gives a sense of self-esteem. Others buy name brand golf clubs because of peer pressure.


One factor why branded golf clubs are very expensive is the advertising cost. Compared to cheap golf clubs that have no name to back them up, branded golf clubs are very much promoted.

Marketing and promotions incur advertising cost in the form of infomercials, television adverts, print media, and celebrity endorsements. Most of these advertising campaigns are really effective, but the costs are carried over to the equipment. That is why you get them more expensive. You actually end up paying for the strategy that convinces you to purchase the name brand golf club.

Brand development and the cost for name brand are also very high. These are legitimate costs but you end up paying more for the name than for the equipment itself. Brand advertising strategies make buyers feel justified for making a huge investment. However, it is wiser to consider the actual performance of your clubs rather than the market value they carry.

Cheap golf clubs can be as effective as branded ones. You can source them out from manufacturers and direct sellers. Oftentimes, middlemen – such as pro shops – are also the cause for the prices to go up. There are factories that provide direct selling and service either on the internet or in physical shops. You can even get golf clubs at wholesale prices.

These particular factories also offer money back guarantees if the cheap golf clubs you purchased do not live up to your expectations. They also provide warranty of up to a year on your golf clubs. Look for manufacturers that also give 30-day price protection schemes.
Some retail stores aren’t good with customization. When you need different combinations of flexes, lengths and clubs, you will need someone that can give you a custom fit product.
Always look for professional help on this one so you do not waste your money.

Do not just go with the flow or be pressured into the latest trend. Do your own research and compare golf clubs: prices, quality and performance. Remember that you are making an investment and it is not just about the cost, it is also for value.

golf playingRead up on reviews and join forums so you can ask around and make an informed decision. If you have a relative or a friend who is a professional golfer, seek out his opinion. Knowledge is power – and that knowledge can rack up huge savings for you.

The main thing to remember is that you do not have to be limited by your budget to play a good game, and you do not have to be bullied into buying something so lavish as well. Golf is not just about the clubs, it is about your enthusiasm and ability. It is about how much time you dedicate to mastering your swing and aim. Cheap golf clubs can give you the same quality swing as expensive ones. You can go far with any kind of golf club as long as you set your heart and mind to the sport. And what better way to love golf more than not having to spend so much?

Cheap golf clubs can be as effective as branded ones. There are factories that provide direct selling and service either on the internet or in physical shops.You can even get golf clubs at wholesale prices on www.rockbottomgolf.com.